Welcome April 27 2013

When I was a child my parents used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up.   My answer...either a baseball player or Santa Claus.

My athletic achievements fell short and I realized being a professional ball player was not going to happen.  It’s a good thing I had another dream to fall back on!  As surprising as it sounds, becoming Santa Claus was a more realistic goal than playing professional baseball.  So the quest to fulfill my childhood dream began. I may not have elves but I’m living my dream in the toy making business!

So, the easy part was done!  I have decided to make toys!  Now the hard part. . . . making the toys.  What would I make?  What would it be made of?  How would I make it?  Do I paint it? What size should it be?  I decided to just start making a toy, but because I didn't know what I wanted to make it out of I decided to use the scratch paper that I had sitting on my desk.  And this is how it turned out...

Yep, that’s right!  This company was started with a dream of becoming Santa and paper taped together in the shape of a car!