Why the ball on top of each toy? September 10 2013

There are a few reasons why we have a ball affixed to the top of each toy car/boat (Couper,  Champ & Tugs)

  1. The ball acts as a focal point for the child to reach for and grab.  It is left without paint to catch the eye of the child and encourage fine motor skill building as they grab for the ball. This ball can also be customized by color or with the addition of a name or design.
  2. The ball is actually used as a handle.  The handle allows children to grab and easily maneuver the toy in the direction they want it to go.  As children get older, they naturally begin to handle the ball with their fingertips in order to direct and control the car which continues to develop fine motor skills.
  3. The most important function of the ball is to assist with creating the most realistic and imaginative experience as possible. By holding the ball, your hand is not grasping the car and your fingers are not left dangling on the side. When I was a child, I would pretend I was winning the big race or chasing a bad guy in my car only to see my hands draping over the toy like a giant octopus (although adding an octopus to the story line was good sometimes). The ball allows the car to stand alone without the octopus addition. This also helps to limit the ouchies that happen when two cars crush together by our imaginative and active giggle monsters.

So, although there are a few reasons why we added the ball handle on the top of Couper, Champ, and Tugs, the main reason is that sometimes an octopus doesn’t belong in a car chase.