Made in the USA

A-Z Alphabet Letters


Each letter has a groove in its center made to a size and depth that comfortably accommodates a childs finger.  Children can practice forming that letter by running their finger in the groove, stimulating more than one of their senses for easier learning.

Each letter comes with Giggle Monster Ribbon to use for hanging. The ribbon can be easily be removed when your Giggle Monster letter is not being used as an ornament or wall decoration and your letter can become a template for outlining to enhance your Child's arts and crafts projects. You can even use the letter as the project itself, painting or decorating them any way you want. Giggle Monster would love to hear your ideas for these versatile letters. Be creative, and keep Giggling!

  • Approximately 4" x 4"
  • 1/2" Thick MDF wood
  • With Giggle Monster Toy Company ribbon